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Your routine dental checkups at Dr. Todd Tibbs’s dental office includes a dental cleaning treatment as well as a thorough examination to detect cavities and other oral health conditions. If you choose not to attend your checkup every six months, an undetected cavity could worsen.

This can cause increased sensitivity and general discomfort in the affected tooth. In some instances, you might also notice a change in the tooth’s texture and color.

In a situation like this, you need to seek treatment with Dr. Todd Tibbs before the tooth decay can penetrate the sensitive internal structures of the tooth. If the cavity is too large to be repaired with a common dental filling, Dr. Todd Tibbs might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown.

This treatment will effectively treat the tooth decay by replacing the entire tooth enamel layer.

The process starts with Dr. Todd Tibbs using a special dental drill to remove the tooth enamel layer and create an abutment. This a healthy pillar of dentin will eventually anchor the dental crown in your mouth.

Once this is done Dr. Todd Tibbs will prepare an impression of the area. It will be sent to a dental lab to serve as a guide for the technicians as they create your dental crown.

A member of Dr. Todd Tibbs’s staff will call you to schedule a short follow up appointment when the new dental crown is ready. Once it has been cemented onto the abutment the fully restored tooth will last for many years.

If you live in Salisbury, North Carolina, and you have an untreated cavity on one of your teeth, you should call 704-633-1799 to seek treatment at Todd Tibbs.