A damaged or unattractive tooth can be renewed when you visit the office of Todd Tibbs for a dental crown. We use this restoration to encase the portion of the tooth that sits above the gum line, altering and restoring structure as well as protecting its vulnerable inner tissues. Call us at 704-633-1799 to schedule an appointment with our dentist if you think that you need a dental crown in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Crowns are a dental treatment that Dr. Tibbs prescribes when a tooth is too badly affected by decay or cracks to be restored with a dental filling. At our dental office, we place crowns on teeth that have received a root canal as well as on dental implants to replace missing teeth. Crowns can be made of a variety of dental materials, including zirconia crowns that are metal free, stronger, and more resistant to chips, cracks, and fractures than porcelain, and more aesthetically appealing as well. Zirconia has quickly become the preferred material for dental crowns and can be made to fit both the front and back teeth.

Dr. Tibbs utilizes the advanced CEREC machine to design, mill, and shape your crown in a matter of minutes, allowing you to leave our office with a smile after just one appointment.

When properly taken care of, a crown can help to increase your overall health in addition to giving you confidence in your appearance. If you would like to learn more about zirconia crowns or other restorative dental treatments, please call our office today.