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When you get busy during the summer, your teeth and gums rely on you more than ever to make the right dental care decisions. Keeping up good dental practices not only helps your mouth stay healthy but also sets a good example for your others such as your children when you have a bright, strong smile.

Our dental professionals at Todd Tibbs want you to maintain a regular dental routine to ensure your teeth stay strong and mouth stays healthy. Visit our office in Salisbury, North Carolina, twice a year for your biannual checkup and deep cleaning. Give us a call anytime at 704-633-1799 to ask any questions related to your dental health and care or when you’re at your next appointment.

Flossing and brushing are the two most important tools in defeating plaque and stopping cavities. An adequate rule to keep when brushing is the 2×2 rule. This rule is simply brushing twice a day for two minutes. Brush on all the sides of your teeth as well as the tongue and roof of your mouth. Form a C-shape between your teeth when flossing to get the best angle to remove bits. Mouthwash is another great tool to reach crannies of the mouth to prevent buildup. This can reach spots most dental tools cannot since it is a liquid.

Look for the seal of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA) when purchasing dental products like toothpaste, flosses, or mouthwashes. Schedule a consultation or appointment with Dr. Todd Tibbs today to get the best results for a healthy and bright smile!