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A dental crown is a strong and reliable dental restoration that can help your weak, broken, discolored, or decayed tooth. It can also cover a dental implant and anchor a dental bridge in place. With the help of a dental crown, you can have the restored tooth and smile you deserve.

CEREC® is a top-of-the-line dental machine that can help you improve your oral health with a dental crown. In fact, it can actually craft your new crown to fit perfectly over your tooth. This machine can use a picture of your tooth and smile and design a dental crown that is right for you. It can even shade the crown to match the rest of your smile. Fortunately, this machine can create your perfect crown in just one appointment at our office. This is not like the typical dental crown process. Usually, your dentist, Dr. Todd Tibbs, would have to make an impression of your smile, send those impressions to a dental lab, and wait for the technicians to craft your crown. This could take days or even weeks. During the waiting time, you would need to wear a temporary dental crown and you would need to come to our office for two appointments.

With the help of CEREC, you could have a strong, restored tooth and smile within one appointment at Todd Tibbs. Do you have any questions about CEREC in Salisbury, North Carolina? If so, please contact us at 704-633-1799. We will be happy to help you!