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If you suffer from halitosis, frequently referred to as bad breath, it means you are suffering from some underlying condition either in your mouth or in your body. Due to the fact that there are numerous cause of bad breath, it is essential to discover the cause of the bad breath if you have any hope of treating it. Listed below are few causes of bad breath:

– Underlying conditions in your body like kidney malfunctions, liver ailments, and respiratory tract infections can all contribute to bad breath.

– Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a known risk factor for bad breath.

– Previous oral health care treatments and procedures like dentures can easily become contaminated and contribute to bad breath.

– The foods you are eating, the drinks you are drinking, and the medications you are taking are often linked with bad breath.

– A lack of saliva in your mouth also referred to as dry mouth is a condition which can drastically increase the rate at which bad breath will occur.

– If you are suffering from poor oral hygiene that has led to extreme plaque buildup, you will be at an increased risk for bad breath.

– Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause bad breath.

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