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If you’re recently noticed sensitivity issues with some of your teeth, you should not discount it, or simply mitigate the discomfort with a tooth sensitivity toothpaste. Instead, the wisest course of action is to have the problem examined by a dentist like Dr. Todd Tibbs to catch any early developing oral health problems.

After conducting a thorough examination, Dr. Todd Tibbs and his staff can help develop a treatment plan to help mitigate your tooth sensitivity problems.

This might include administering a simple fluoride treatment to help address any tooth sensitivity that is linked to tooth enamel erosion. If Dr. Todd Tibbs notices any cavities, he might be able to repair the teeth by installing dental fillings or by performing a dental crown restoration.

If your teeth appear to be healthy and your tooth sensitivity is limited to the upper teeth, the problem could be linked to a chronic sinus infection. The buildup of mucus deposits in the lower sinuses can potentially place excessive pressure on the nerves of these teeth causing them to respond when exposed to hot and cold substances.

Should this prove to be the case, your primary physician might be able to provide you with a prescription nasal decongestant to help gradually alleviate the sinus pressure. As the problem slowly starts to abate, you will likely notice decrease in your tooth sensitivity symptoms.

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