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As the harvest season swings into fall, dive into your new smile with whiter teeth. A whiter smile can be yours in as little as a single office visit with a professional tooth whitening treatment system. Professional teeth whiteners are designed to eradicate deep stains and discolorations safely and effectively. A single office whitening treatment can drastically improve your smile and the color it contains.

Professional teeth whitening treatment systems are designed to contour to your exact dental profile. Treatment trays or modified and crafted for your profile to ensure the tightest possible grip for the gel that is administered. With the help of a specialized lamp, the gel is triggered to achieve maximum benefits in whitening your smile. For additional treatments, at-home kits can be given for minor touch-ups.

Additional treatments include mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum, and over-the-counter whitening products. Before using any over-the-counter product, consult with your dentist to ensure it meets adequate standards for safety and effectiveness. Some products can damage your smile if you are not careful, so always use as intended. For more information, contact your dentist.

No matter which option for your tooth whitening treatment care you choose, Dr. Todd Tibbs and our team will make sure that you receive the care and quality your smile requires. If you would like to come visit us at our dentist office in Salisbury, North Carolina, please schedule an appointment at 704-633-1799. Your smile is our business!