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Wisdom tooth removal can be an intimidating idea, but you can rest assured dental technology has advanced to where your dentist can accommodate your needs. This is a process many people need to ensure there aren’t any further problems. Here at Todd Tibbs in Salisbury, North Carolina, we want to make sure you’re getting the dental care you need so you have a comfortable and bright smile for years to come.

Spacing issues, susceptibility to infections, damaging neighboring teeth, or decay are some of the problems you face when your wisdom teeth are not taken out. Another issue your dentist may find are impacted wisdom teeth, meaning they are stuck underneath your jaw or gums.

Be sure to attend your biannual checkups so your dentist can check for signs of wisdom teeth coming through the gums. Signs of damage to be monitored include incorrect positions where food and bacteria can become stuck, trouble flossing between molars and wisdom teeth, and possible cysts that can damage the roots or bone.

Give Dr. Todd Tibbs and our dental associates a call at 704-633-1799 to learn more about wisdom teeth. Our team will be more than happy to better your smile so you can go about your day without the worry of your third molars affecting your dental health, so call today!