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Your tooth enamel can naturally fade over time causing your teeth to become discolored. However, foods and drinks we consume each day can speed up the discoloring process. Did you know, foods and drinks can severely stain your teeth and cause discoloration and other oral health problems to your teeth? Yes, it’s true!

Our dentist, Dr. Todd Tibbs, cares about you and your oral health, which includes your smile. That is why our team in Salisbury, North Carolina, is excited to provide you tips on foods and drinks that can create stains on your teeth.

Here are some items that can cause your teeth to fade or discolor:

– Red and white wine: Most people recognize red wine’s dark colors that can stain your teeth. Yet, the high acidities in both wines can cause deep staining. White wine is higher in acidity ranking, which can create more discoloration and harm to your teeth than red wine.
– Curry: A favorite spice or flavor called curry is known to stick to your teeth and cause a yellowish hue that stains your teeth.
– Sodas: Sodas are high in sugar, which is recognized to damage your teeth severely. However, the dyes used to fashion them mixed with their acid ranking causes natural harm to the health and color of your teeth.
– Coffee and tea: Coffee is known to stain your teeth because of the strength of the beans used each day. Yet, teas can also dye your teeth. White tea can also produce staining effects causing your teeth to discolor.
– Sodas and sports drinks: Sports drinks are enormously high in acidic ranking and includes dyes that can color and damage your teeth. Sugar-free sports drinks can cause your teeth to become faded and stained because of the high acids and dyes used to create them.

As you can see, there are things we may not be aware of we are eating each day that is slowly causing our smile to fade. If you have questions about your oral health or would like more information on teeth whitening, please call us today at 704-633-1799 to make an appointment. We are always happy to meet with you and help you.