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Did you know that chewing gum is beneficial for your teeth? Many studies have shown that sugar-free gum can help prevent cavities.

When you chew gum, it promotes saliva production in your mouth, and saliva is the body’s natural defense against tooth decay. Not only does saliva remove debris and food particles from teeth, it distributes beneficial substances to neutralize acids in the mouth that weaken tooth enamel.

Other practices such as chewing sugary gum and sucking on candy also promote saliva production, but the high amounts of sugar in these substances override the positive effects by feeding acid-producing bacteria and increasing the risk of cavities.

Because they reduce cavities, many sugar-free gums have received the Seal of Acceptance from the ADA, indicating that these products do they say they do–in this case, aid in cavity prevention. The Seal can only be earned, not purchased, and the presence of the Seal shows that they have passed rigorous safety and efficacy testing, ensuring that you receive a quality product.

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